EUROPEAN POSTAL MATCH 2021 - Switzerland

Last updated Tuesday 10 August 2021

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From Wednesday 18 to Sunday 22 August 2021, the shooting sports centres of Chiasso-Rovagina (25/50m) and Mendrisio-Penate (100m) will host the competitions necessary for the participation of the Swiss national black powder shooting team in the European Postal Match 2021, organised on a decentralised basis by the MLAIC due to the Covid pandemic.

On the same days, all interested shooters who took part in the Swiss Championships, held in Geneva from 16 to 18 July 2021, can take part in the same event as a qualifying session for the World Championships planned in Germany in 2022.


Each interested shooter must complete the following electronic form by Sunday 25 July 2021 at the latest in order to allow the correct announcement of participants in the MLAIC.



Wednesday 18 August 2021
> Early competition 25/50/100m for the event staff
> Arrival of the remaining participants

Thursday 19 August 2021
> Free practice 25/50/100m (all weapons)
> Weapons check

Friday 20 August 2021
> 100/50m competitions (long weapons)
> 50/25m competitions (short weapons)
> Common dinner

Saturday 21 August 2021
> 50m competitions (long weapons)
> 25m competitions (short weapons)
> Common dinner

Sunday 22 August 2021
> Any remaining 25/50m competitions
> Return to home


All members of the national team must compete in the European Postal Match competitions as assigned by the team captain and according to their 2019 results and qualification rankings (see VSV website).
Additional shooters may be added to complete the places made available by the MLAIC.
The results obtained will also be taken into account for qualification for the World Championships planned in Germany in 2022.

Participants who are not part of the national team may only take part in the event in the disciplines held at the Swiss Championships in Geneva from 16 to 18 July 2021.
Their results will be taken into account for the qualification for the World Championships in Germany in 2022.

The competition rounds will be decided by the national team captain and will be communicated to all participants in advance via this website.



According to the decision taken by the VSV committee on 21 July 2021, all costs necessary for the registration for the MLAIC decentralised European championship and for the running of the qualifying competitions will be paid by the VSV to the event's organising committee.

Competitors only have to cover individually their travel and accommodation costs.
Lunches and dinners at the shooting ranges are free of charge (excluding drinks).


The main event venue with the 25m and 50m shooting stands is located at the Chiasso shooting range.
Rovagina shooting range
Strada Vegia 11 / 6835 Morbio Superiore / 45.8635°N 9.0245°E 

The 100m shooting stand is located at the shooting range in Mendrisio.
Penate Shooting Centre
Via Penate 18 / 6850 Mendrisio / 45.8781°N 8.9771°E


On Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays it is possible to have lunch free of charge at the respective shooting ranges.

On Friday and Saturday evening all participants will also be offered dinners (with Ticino products) in common at the shooting range of Chiasso-Rovagina.


Reservation of accommodation is the individual responsibility of each participant.

Below are some hotels that offer a sufficient number of rooms, with the ideal standard, within 10 minutes distance from the shooting ranges:
> Hotel Coronado / Via Francesco Borromini 10, 6850 Mendrisio /
> Hotel Milano / Piazza della Stazione - Via Franscini 6, 6850 Mendrisio /
> Hotel Touring / Piazza Indipendenza 1, 6830 Chiasso / 10 minutes /
> Hotel Garni Centro / Corso San Gottardo 80, 6830 Chiasso /

Further accommodation opportunities can be found through the regional tourist office website or through some dedicated search engines such as

In Ticino it is not possible to camp freely as a measure of controlled management of nomadic groups.
The campsites in the region less than 20 minutes away from the shooting ranges are:
> Campeggio Paradiso Lago / Via pedreta 26, 6818 Melano /
> Camping Monte Generoso / via Tannini 12, 6818 Melano /
> Monte San Giorgio Camping / 6866 Meride /


Weapons must be checked before the competition.
For participants who are not part of the organisation, the weapon check will take place on Thursday evening at the end of the practice session.

A weapons deposit will be provided free of charge for competitors at the Chiasso-Rovagina shooting range.


For this occasion the MLAIC imposes the secrecy of the results in order to avoid their early disclosure to competitors of other national teams.

Each shooter is free to photograph his target immediately at the end of each shooting session.
At the end of the national competition each participant will be sent an individual control document with the results obtained, before sending the data to the MLAIC.

No rankings or prizes will be awarded.


What better occasion, after a long journey, to explore the area: the Canton of Ticino and the Mendrisiotto region offer various tourist opportunities to suit all tastes.
Further information can be found on the website of the regional tourist office


Further technical information on the competition can be sent to the organising committee at the following e-mail address
Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo..

We look forward to welcoming you all and wish you every success.
Stefano Fedele - President of the organising committee
Damian Gamma - Captain of the national team
Mirko Tantardini - Technical manager
Andrea Chiesa - Administrative manager

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